Team Member

Gao Sijia

Gao Sijia—Instant Mandarin Chief Advisor She has engaged in Chinese teaching for more than 30 years, mainly teaching foreign exchange students to learn Chinese, having a very rich experience in teaching international Chinese. She has released nearly 10 papers on Chinese literature and Chinese teaching research, and has published "Three Hundred Comments on Songs" (edited), and edited the second and third volumes of the "Chinese Textbook" for the US-China Friendship Volunteer Textbook. 1979-1999:Worked in the Chinese Department of Sichuan Normal University and the Center for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. She mainly taught elementary and intermediate international Chinese integrated curriculum as well as listening and speaking courses. 1999-2004: Engaged in Chinese teaching at the Overseas Education College of Sichuan University. 2004-2006: Worked in the Chinese Department of Komensky University, Slovakia. 2007-2009: Taught primary intermediate and advanced comprehensive courses, listening and speaking classes, modern literature and Bashu culture at the School of Overseas Education of Sichuan University. She also taught postgraduate students of international Chinese education classes and wrote an “Introduction to Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language”. 2009-2013:Taught 3-4 grades Chinese Course at the Chinese Department of Arizona State University. 2015-2017: Taught business Chinese, idioms and Chinese culture at San Francisco State University.

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