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    Sign up! Apply for a free trial Chinese lesson. Our teachers assess your Chinese level to give you the best way to learn Chinese possible. We’ll be in touch to help you set this up. 
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    Once you’ve made a purchase, you can start booking all by yourself with just a click of a button. Our user interface is convenient and simple to use. This is online Chinese learning made easy. We’ll let you know what to do. 
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    Learn Chinese fast! We believe the 1-to-1 teaching method will get the best out of you. Our Chinese tutors will be there round the clock. Once booked, just login to your account, enter the online classroom and hey presto. Sit back, learn and enjoy! 
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    We deliver Chinese lessons according to your schedule and learning requirements. We provide a bespoke way of learning that enhances your chances of improving your Mandarin Chinese quickly. Get a study plan! 
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Important Notice

*Please use Google Chrome web browser to get the best experience from our site and online classroom, no other installments are required with this web browser.

*However if you use an alternative web browser there maybe instability issues and you will need to install our free online classroom software ‘Cloud Class’ to access your lesson.

*If you’d like to use your phone to have your lessons you will need to download the free online classroom app ‘Cloud Class’ beforehand from your app store. Then please continue to access our site through your phone’s web browser to enter the class.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How many lessons can you have a week?

    We do not put a limit on how many lessons you can have a week, that is up to you. Our customers do come to us for advice, and in the best interest of your learning we recommend three to five lessons a week but we understand this may not be possible. Ultimately, you choose the time that suits you. You can also get advice from our teachers during a free trial.

  • Can we make the schedule according to our time?

    Of course, you are our priority. You choose the time that best suits you.

  • Can I have back-to-back classes?

    Yes, you can have back-to-back classes. You can have as many lessons as you want as long as it’s within the limits of your package.

  • How long are your classes?

    Are lessons are 25 minutes each. We believe this allows the most flexibility of students anytime, anywhere. This is also the optimal learning span for concentration, focus and absorption of what is learnt.

  • Will I have the same teacher each week?

    We appreciate that most of our customers prefer to keep the same teacher so our system allows you to match your time with our teachers. You can book with the same teacher if you find their available time acceptable. If you can’t find a suitable time for yourself with your preferred teacher then we do have a choice of great teachers.

  • Do you teach simplified or traditional Chinese characters?

    All our teaching material features simplified characters. At the moment we do not teach traditional Chinese characters.

  • How long does it take to become fluent in Chinese?

    There are many factors that come into play regarding the length of time it takes for you to become fluent in Chinese. It depends on how hard you work, your motivation, and how much time you spend on your Chinese. If you want some advice you can consult our professional teachers in the free trial lesson.

  • How many course levels do you have?

    Each of our courses are different. Some have different levels and others are more topical but we can guarantee one thing, our range of courses cater to all levels, whether you are a beginner or an expert in Chinese. You can find out more about our levels on our ‘Courses’ page.

  • Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

    Yes, of course. We want to make your learning experience as rewarding as possible, and a certificate is one of the ways in which we want to show your progress and achievement with us.

  • Are your classes for children?

    We have a specific Mandarin for Young Learners course which your children can take part in. Our curriculum features vibrant and colourful learning material, our teachers use a patient, encouraging and active approach to deliver their lessons. We make sure the atmosphere is comfortable, fun, and engaging.

  • When I choose a time for my lesson, which time zone is that?

    When you book your classes and select your time, the times you see will be automatically synchronised to the local time on your device. So if the time on your device is UK time, you will book a class in UK time.

  • Can I ask the teacher to teach different material?

    We provide a personalised learning experience and do offer customised lessons that take into account what you want to learn. If you use a certain text book or want to focus on a certain topic, you can let our teacher know and we can tailor your lesson around your requirements.

  • Can I receive a copy of the PPT slides for review?

    Unfortunately we cannot give you access to our PPT slides outside of class time, that is why we do give you homework, review and preview material to enhance your learning experience with us.

  • Can I have your teacher’s contact details (WeChat or Skype)?

    To protect our teacher’s privacy we do not allow our students to have our teacher’s personal contact details.

  • How do I give feedback about the class?

    We do quality control checks on your classes. After each class you take, you will have access to a form where you can provide us feedback because we want to improve and give you a high quality learning experience.

  • Can I reschedule a class?

    We appreciate that you have other priorities and commitments, and that your plans change, so you can reschedule your classes in ‘My Account’. However to protect our own teacher’s interests, you can only rearrange your class three hours before the class begins or earlier.

  • What happens if I am late for class?

    If you are late for class, your teacher will teach you for the remainder of your arranged class.

  • What happens if I do not attend class?

    If you fail to attend your class, you will not be able to get this class back and reschedule it. It will be counted towards your overall lesson count.

  • I am in the classroom and my teacher is not there.

    If you cannot see your teacher then the class has not begun yet or we are experiencing technical problems. If your teacher is not there after 5 minutes, we will allow you to rearrange this lesson.

  • I cannot see my teacher or hear him/her.

    We conduct a thorough examination into our teacher’s devices. On your side please make sure that your web browser allows our site to access your microphone and camera. If this does not solve the issue, please contact customer service.

  • I click ‘attend lesson’ but nothing happens.

    Please change the settings on your web browser to enable pop-ups so you can access our online classroom. If this does not solve the issue, please contact customer service.

  • Do I need to install software to enter the online classroom?

    If you use Google Chrome as your web browser then no instalments are required. However if you use an alternative web browser once you try to enter our online classroom you will be taken to a webpage where you must follow the instructions in order to download the software and gain access to our online classroom.

  • Can I use any device to have my lessons?

    Yes, our site is optimised for computer, tablets and phone devices. If you would like to use your phone or tablet to have class however, you would need to open our website through your phone/tablet’s web browser, sign in, then when you click ‘attend lesson’, you will be prompted to download our free online classroom app ‘Cloud Class’ and install it, or you can just do this beforehand. Then just enter and attend your class, and hey presto!

  • What do I do if I am experiencing technical problems or network issues?

    If you want to examine your devices compatibility with our website and application, we do provide a pre-free trial test. Before every free trial begins we will make sure everything functions normally. We can also provide immediate support and help solve issues through using Team Viewer. We would need your consent to remote access your device from long distance and you would need to download the Team Viewer application.

  • I’m a certified Chinese teacher. How do I work for you?

    You can go on our careers page and apply for the teacher’s position.

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